Careers/Transition Advisor
Mr Peter Rance  


All Kingswood High School students, staff and parents now have access to an exciting careers website that has been specifically designed for use by high school students. The aims of this site are to:

  1. Make immediately accessible to parents and students, all of the information that arrives on Careers Advisers desks throughout the year.
  2. Show all of the careers events that are planned throughout the state for parents and students.
  3. Provide general careers advice to the community and to provide individual advice through an 'Ask the Careers Adviser' page.
  4. Provide links to many other 'careers' sites. (further education providers, careers advice sites, job search sites and many others)

Students and parents are able to use the email alert service at this website. To save you from having to keep looking through the website to find new information, just register your email address to receive these alerts. Please go to the "Contact Us" page on the site and use the "E-mail Form" to register.

Kingswood High School has a Careers Adviser who helps students to make decisions about what subjects they should select and what they will do when they leave school, so they are able to make a smooth transition from secondary education to full time study or the workforce.

Some students still leave school at the end of Year 10 but the majority of students stay until the end of Year 12. Students believe that it is important to have a Higher School Certificate when they leave school.

At the end of Year 12 about one tenth of our students go to university, about one third go to TAFE and the rest either work full time or part-time. Some students gain traineeships for one year, where they work and go to TAFE part-time. Students work in a variety of jobs including hospitality, retail, secretarial, building and trades mostly in the local area. Students at Kingswood have the opportunity to write up their resumes on the Careers computer and apply for a Tax File Number so they can apply for jobs.

Once a year students in Years 10 and 12 have the opportunity to visit the Careers Market held at our University of Western Sydney Kingswood Campus at the beginning of Term 3. All students are encouraged to attend the market.

School to Work Logbooks

Logbooks are part of the NSW Government Education and Communities (Ready for Work Plan). The Ready For Work Plan recognises the need to better prepare school leavers for the workplace and /or further education and training, by providing them with relevant vocational skills, up to date workplace knowledge and advice on a broad range of educational and training options.

To assist students in their school to work planning, student Logbooks which can only be accessed through the DEC portal are used to record work related experiences and /or achievements.

These Logbooks remain at school until students leave so skills can be regularly recorded. pages may be taken home to record experiences out of school.
Parents are urged to encourage students to LOG their skills and to discuss their career aspirations.

ALL STUDENTS have access to the LogBook online.

What is Work Experience?
Work Experience helps prepare students for their life after school and gives them insight into the world of work:

* By learning to cope with new situations and new people thus building up self-confidence and independence.
* By learning about the changes taking place in society and in the workplace.
* Learning in a practical way.
* Work Experience allows students to explore a variety of career opportunities to decide how these relate to their personal interests, skills, values and goals.

Work Experience programs are conducted for students in Years 10 and 11 and the Year 9 Work Education class. Students have the opportunity to go into the workplace and experience full time work. They can also try out careers that they are interested in doing when they leave school. Year1 1 are able to go whenever they have no other commitments such as exams or assessment tasks.

Work Education was previously a part of the Year 10 curricula.. We have a year 10 class taught by Mr Rance and by the end of the year  these students will be prepared to make future decisions.  In 2014 the school with be offering a Year 11 Work Studies course through our partnership with WSI TAFE to help further the students develop an understanding of career pathways. Apart from work experience and classroom lessons these students will experience visits to work environments that will be beneficial to them in their decision making.